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August 2016
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June 2016
text: Goodbye Blogger, Hello Wordpress!
Yes, the title says it all– I'm moving from this blog to a brand new website. I'm still having challenges with Wordpress, so ...
June 2016
text: Weekly Recap
Last week got a little crazy near the end, what with edits coming back, a new website being made, and news about a future sho...
June 2016
text: Sunday Snippet: "I couldn’t leave her trapped in her nightmare."
It's Sunday, which means it's time for Weekend Writing Warriors, the weekly blog hop where indie authors get to share their w...
June 2016
reviewed: Review: Drowning In The Dark
When I read the massive Gods and Mortals collection a month or so ago, I came across the first novel in Pippa DaCosta's The V...
June 2016
text: Progress Report (And A New Collection Coming Soon!)
Things are finally moving forward for this author! The printed proofs are finally on the way for Midnight Sky, now that I kno...
June 2016
text: Weekly Recap (Upcoming Plans And New Website Coming Soon!)
I wish I could say I was very productive last week, but the major stuff I wanted to do wasn't accomplished. Mostly because I'...
June 2016
text: Sunday Snippet: "A single snap in battle could get him killed."
Welcome to 8Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors, the weekly blog hop where indie authors get to share their work in 8-10 sent...
June 2016
reviewed: Book Review: Abomination
Abomination is the first novel I've read in a long time that felt like legitimate horror to me. I've read books with monsters...
June 2016
text: Progress Report (And First Character Interview!)
It's been a little bit of a chaotic (though productive) week. I've started writing exclusively with Scrivener, and aside from...
June 2016
text: Weekly Recap (So Much Work!)
I know I missed this last week, but I was out of town for my best friends birthday party, and when we came back into town, al...
June 2016
text: Sunday Snippet: "Don’t do that again.”
Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, the weekly blog hop where indie authors get to share 8-10 sentences from their current/u...
June 2016
reviewed: Review: A Monster Calls
I remember the first time I saw A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. I was in a bookstore and it caught my eye. There seemed to b...
June 2016
text: DAMNATION'S DOOR Released, Giveaways, Preorders, and MIDNIGHT SKY's Cover!
This week has been going great so far. I was away for a mini-vacation Sunday and Monday (why there was no blog post on Monday...