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Sunday Snippet: "A single snap in battle could get him killed."


Welcome to 8Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors, the weekly blog hop where indie authors get to share their work in 8-10 sentences. I couldn't really find a snippet appropriate for Father's Day, so instead, I decided to use a snippet featuring a character who acts like a father figure for Constance in Damnation's Door. She seeks Sephiel, a former warrior angel, for counsel and advice about the mass murders in her old hometown, but as expected, doesn't get the answers she wants to hear...


“Seph,” I asked the ex-angel, who stood across from me on the other side of the curtain, watching the opposite end of the street. “These killings, the major ones... do you think Lucifer is behind them rather than Mateo?”


Sephiel went very still. Talking about Lucifer always made him tense, and I had to remind myself not to push him. He was human now, and his emotions weren’t so tightly reined anymore. A single snap in battle could get him killed.


“It is likely they are working in collaboration,” he finally said. “Perhaps Lucifer is feeding Mateo Rocha’s thirst for vengeance, and your former lover is constructing the circumstances for the slaughter. His men are nearly always there, are they not?”




Still got lots going on. Damnation's Door is still on its blog tour, and one particular stop features an author interview, a character interview, and a giveaway. I've never done a character interview before, and it was a lot of fun to get back inside Constance's head and have her answer questions not typically posed for her. I'm still working on formatting Midnight Sky, editing Storm of the Gods, and rebuilding the world/writing The Iron Gargoyle. I would go into more detail, but I'm half-falling asleep at my desk. Not as comfy as a bed. 


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Speaking of love and wishes, I hope everyone enjoys their father's day! Love you, Dad!