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Sunday Snippet: "Lying to myself wasn’t as comforting as it should have been."


I'll preface this week's Sunday Snippet by saying I'm blogging past my bedtime, and am paying the price for that. I can feel my eyelids drooping as I type, so if anything seems off tangent, that's why. A Real Job, half hour walks in the heat, barbecues, and mind-blowing reads tend to suck the life out of a writer. Anyway, it's that time of the week! I'm happy to share my snippet for Weekend Writing Warriors, the blog tour which allows new/indie authors to share their new and upcoming work. I'm continuing with pieces from my upcoming standalone novel, Storm Born. After learning she's been missing for a week due to a horrific ordeal in a hurricane, Ava tries to readjust to her new life. It's nowhere near as easy as she wants it to be...


“Order up, Ava!”

Crap. I lowered my hand from my chest, alarmed that I’d been touching my scar. The panic attacks had stopped, but I’d been having nightmares almost every single night. Well, not really nightmares. More like blurring flashes through my mind, and a scorching pain in my chest when I woke up. I told myself it was just my memories screwing around with me, that the rigid white scar over my heart couldn’t hurt me now because it was healed over.

Lying to myself wasn’t as comforting as it should have been.





It's been a pretty good week! I spent the first portion of it emailing various blogs and reviewing websites to snag some spotlights and interviews. I must have sent close to thirty emails. It was nuts. I've gotten some replies, which is nice, and hopefully the review response will be positive. I've already had one spotlight on Who She Reads, which was a lot of fun. 


I've also managed to complete the first draft of Storm of the Gods, the first novel in my upcoming Greek mythology/urban fantasy series Areios Brothers. I'm working through the edits, and noticing how much I need to change. Thankfully my weekend is coming soon, since I'd like to have the Alpha edits done by the end of the month before I send the whole thing to Beta readers. 


Last but not least, I received the official acceptance letter for my short Dark Sky story Engineered Deceit! The story will be featured in Mocha Memoirs Press's upcoming steampunk horror anthology, Ghosts, Gears, and Grimoires. I won't say much, other than it will be a short prequel told from Sawyer's perspective shortly after he meets fellow crew-mates Gemma and Nash. I'm very excited to be part of this anthology, and am happy it will coincide with the releases of my other Dark Sky prequel novellas, Amber Sky and Smoke Sky


Next week will be busy (be on the lookout for an extra post on Tuesday when I take part in an Elise Kova cover reveal!), but I'm hoping to get a lot done. The month is winding down fast, and I've set some personal goals I would definitely like to see achieved. 


Be sure to check out the other Weekend Writing Warriors authors and leave them some well-deserved love in the comments. Until tomorrow, cheers!