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Progress Report

While things aren't moving along as quickly as I would like, they are moving. I've been busy formatting both Storm Born and Damnation's Door for their upcoming releases in May and June respectively. I'm really going to try get the pre-orders and final drafts ready by next week, but it could be tight. Still, now that I'm getting printed stuff mailed in (see the pretty postcards below!), it's becoming a little more real for me. 


See?! Look how pretty!!


I'm ready to get my hands on the print copies of Storm Born, though I'm nervous about what the reader response will be now that I've sent out more of the eARCs that I'm going to send. I think I'm more nervous about standalone releases than I am with those in a series, especially when the idea is pretty far out there and not something I've done before. But I'm getting more excited about the release of Storm Born, and I think a lot of readers are, too. Hype always helps!





In other news, I've seen the draft cover art for Damnation's Door, which looks freaking awesome. I can't wait to get in the rest of the artwork and the Xpresso cover reveal/tour happening in just ten days. Wow, time is going by fast! 


As far as actual writing goes, at the moment I'm working on the newest draft of Storm of the Gods, the first Areios Brothers novel. It's moving along smoothly, though there will be a lot of edits by the time I'm done. Such is life, right? I'm also going to edit through and submit my entry for the Mocha Memoirs Press Steampunk Horror anthology, which will be a short prequel story told from Sawyer's POV and featuring Nash, Gemma, and a crazy villain. 




So that's what's going on at the moment! Like I said, it's a lot of work, but I do love it. This weekend is going to be super busy for me with Real Life stuff, so there won't be a review post, but there will be another Crimson Sky/8Sunday snippet. The book I was going to recommend was Calamity by Brandon Sanderson, and you can read a short review here. If you want an even shorter review: Read it. Oh man, read that series like crazy. It's fantastic, and a fresh take on superheroes. 


Hope everyone's enjoying their week! Cheers!