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Sunday Snippet: “It’s a Pitfall.”


Welcome to another addition of Weekend Writing Warriors! The weekly blog tour where authors come together and share 8-10 sentences from their current work in progress or their latest/upcoming release. I'm continuing with another snippet from Crimson Sky, starting off around where we left our heroes last week, with our engineer/main character Claire looking at the mechanism locking her and her new partners from entering the Junkyard where they need to find materials so she can keep her end of the bargain...


The four of us walked closer to the gate, and I quickened my pace to get a better look at the padlock holding it shut. I knelt down and studied the thick black device covering the lock. Bare copper wires tangled and looped around it, plugging into the sides while the far ends wrapped around the wire fence. With the plastic cover on top, I couldn’t tell what the device would do. But my instincts told me enough.

I straightened up and stepped back.


“Damn,” I muttered. “It’s a Pitfall.”




This week has been a little busy to me, and I'm loving it. I've done a blog hop with Nicky Peacock, who I featured for a spotlightauthor interview, and review, in exchange for a Crimson Sky spotlight and upcoming interview/review, etc. I've got a spotlight for Crimson Sky on Princess of the Light (my Crimson Sky media kit finally got used!). Also this week, I got the cover art and some of the social media images for my standalone novel, Storm Born. I'm super excited to have it and am really looking forward to the cover reveal, which I'll likely do on this coming Thursday. Also out this week is Spawn of the Ripper, a horror anthology that features my short story, The Maker of Monsters. If you lover old school, over-the-top-horror, this is the book for you. 


In other writing news, I'm still working on the Beta edits for Midnight Sky, book two in the Dark Sky series, though I'm thinking those will be done for sure by next week. I can see the end in sight, and it just needs a little polishing.


Speaking of polishing, I've been doing some extra work on Storm of the Gods, which will now be the first in my Areios Brothers series. It'll be a short write, since some parts can be copy-pasted from the previous book and I can polish them into the new story, but there are other parts that I'm absolutely loving to write. I just fall into these characters and their minds so easily... which kind of makes me sound like an evil telepath, but aren't all writers slightly evil for the hell we put our characters through? >:)


So that's all for now! Remember to check out the other talented Weekend Writing Warriors and leave them some love in the comments, and check back Thursday for the cover reveal of Storm Born! Cheers!