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Sunday Snippet: “You expecting trouble from them?”


Is it Sunday already? Seriously? Man, this week has flown by. It's been insanely hectic for me, since I've been editing, hosting an author spotlight, being featured myself, setting up and answering interviews and two more spotlights for Crimson Sky and Cursed, and plotting out two brand new series'. But, of course I have time to pick out some new sentences for Weekend Writing Warriors, the weekly blog hop where authors feature 8-10 sentences of their current work in progress, upcoming, or current release. Since I still have a lot of promotions going on for Crimson Sky, including a Goodreads giveaway, I figure I'll keep going with this one until at least the mid March. Rather than continue from last week, I'm going to choose a new scene (slightly edited to fit the sentence limit), where our heroes set out to interact with a group of people called the Junkers in hopes of finding new materials for Sawyer's ship. But Claire has dealt with the Junkers before, and isn't exactly looking forward to the endeavour...


The Junkers were isolated men and women who willingly lived aboveground. The attacks from The Storm had damaged their minds. The Junkers were erratic and twitchy, and I never liked dealing with them. The slightest provocation could startle them enough to put a knife in my back.


“Looks empty,” Sawyer commented from my side.


“They usually stay inside,” I explained, “even when they know Garnet’s people are coming. But we should get in and out quickly.”


He looked at me. “You expecting trouble from them?”

“No, but that lock wasn’t on the gate before.”



While most of my time is being taken up by the events I mentioned in the initial paragraph, I do have a lot more on the go. Midnight Sky is almost done its Beta edits (they've really helped, Ed!), and I only have about 1.5 more new story lines to write up before I can start the re-writes for my Areios Brothers series. I've said this before, but I know it's stronger this time now that I've eliminated extraneous characters and made certain things relevant when they weren't before. I'm also getting some more work done for my Agents of Limbo series, though I still have a few more details to work out in regard to the world, and I need to read over all my notes before I start playing around with ideas for scenes.


So things are definitely moving at a breakneck pace, but I think I'm keeping up. I definitely love the idea that I'll be starting another series again in the new future, especially since I'm thinking about giving traditional publishing a shot (Kaitlyn, if you're reading this, you rubbed off on me, damn it). Here's the plan: I'm not going to stop self-publishing, since I like the idea of having a steady writing schedule where I can control everything I do and take full responsibility. However, I want to make writing my full time career. Doing that successfully means getting a professional, semi-large publisher. I definitely think I need to go the hybrid route to write full time, since I don't make near enough to support myself independently yet. Besides, the goal is still to have books on shelves, so when people ask me if my books are in Chapters (the Canadian version of Barnes & Noble), I can say, "Yes! Yes they are!"


Anyway. That's my rant. I hope everyone enjoyed the snippet, which I'll likely continue for the next few weeks, and remembers to check out the other Weekend Writing Warriors blogs and authors. Warriors, if you're interested in being hosted on my blog for a spotlight or interview, feel free to email me at amybraunauthor (at) gmail (dot) com. I'm always happy to feature other indie authors. Hope everyone had a fun weekend– mine is on its way!