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Weekly Recap

You have no idea how happy I am to be away from the Real Job and back into the writing world. I'm having a slow start to my morning since most of last week sucked the life and energy out of me, but I did manage to get  a couple things crossed off my To Do List:
• Complete Beta edits for Midnight Sky (some are done)
• Format Storm Born and Damnation's Door 
• Continue to promote Crimson Sky
• Edit and post the final Blood Moon story 
I'm hoping this week will be better, and that I get a lot accomplished in the next couple days. It's killing me not to sit down and start writing a brand new novel, but I want to make sure I have certain projects done before their due date, and believe it or not, February is about half over! So here's what I want to do this week: 
• Complete Beta edits for Midnight Sky
• Format Storm Born and Damnation's Door (send out review requests when they're done)
• Finish the new plots for the Areios Brothers series and begin rewriting the first novel
• Continue world building for Agents of Limbo
Yup, lots to do. Honestly, I wish I could take my laptop with me everywhere I go. It would make things so much easier! Oh well. I'll be glad once Damnation's Door is done formatting, though I'm still trying to figure out how Scrivener works. It's an interesting experience, to say the least. I'm also determined to get all the major Beta edits for Midnight Sky done ASAP. There are about eleven left, which isn't that big a deal, just a matter of having time to weave them in. Note to all new/indie authors: Re-read everything. Even if you think you've gotten every mis-spelled word or grammatical error, or if you're confident your editor has done it for you, re-read it anyway. You never know what you'll miss.
It's not on the list anymore, but I'm going to spend the rest of the month continuing to promote Crimson Sky. The big event going on right now is the Goodreads giveaway, where you can win swag and a signed paperback, though I do offer free signed ebooks to anyone interested on Authorgraph


I'll likely have another couple copies to giveaway in March, but for now, editing is my priority. Which means I should probably get to work. Hope everyone has a good Monday, and if you live in Western Canada, you have a good Family Day weekend!