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Weekly Recap

Well, I got more than I intended accomplished, though to be fair, most of it was last minute yesterday. But that still counts, right?:
• Continue writing Storm of the Gods
• Send out edits for Storm Born
• Finish editing Damnation's Door
• Complete cover request forms for Storm Born and Damnation's Door (the last Cursed novel)
• Start promoting Crimson Sky
• Write and complete the next Blood Moon chapter
Now that I'm settling back into a normal work week, I'm hoping to get a lot more of the little things done. You know how they say that the little things add up in the end? Well, it's totally true, especially since I'm still putting everything together for Crimson Sky, which has a release date less than a month away:
• Continue writing Storm of the Gods
• Finish editing Damnation's Door and send it to editor
• Format Storm Born and Damnation's Door
• Crimson Sky media kit
• Start promoting Crimson Sky
• Complete and post the next Blood Moon chapter
I can already tell that my schedule is going to fill up reeeally fast, especially since I'm already thinking ahead about the second Dark Sky book and what I need to do for it. I'm definitely trying to be better at planning ahead, and hopefully by the end of the year I'll have a solid routine. 
So this week is mostly editing and formatting. Crimson Sky will have its media kit up by the end of the week, and hopefully on Thursday I'll have the 20th Blood Moon chapter posted. Can't believe I wrote 20 of those! The latest edits for Damnation's Door should get sent out later today, since all I have to do right now is tweak the ending and make sure there are no spelling errors. 
Which means that's the end of this recap, and it's crunch time! Hope everyone has a great week. Cheers!