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Weekly Recap

I got my goals accomplished! Yay! 
• Complete the next Blood Moon chapter
• More promotion/review requests for Crimson Sky
Since last week's goals were relatively minor, I'm going to be focusing on larger, more complex goals for this week:
• More promotion/review requests for Crimson Sky 
• Complete editing for Hunt of the Gods (it's over halfway and NaNoWriMo delayed me)
• Continue writing Storm of the Gods
• Request covers and editing schedules for Storm Born and Damnation's Door (the final Cursed novel)
• First round of edits for Storm Born
Read over and do minor edits for Damnation's Door
Lots to accomplish, and I know I won't get it all done, but at least I can try! This week is going to be pretty exciting, mostly because by the end of it, I should have the cover and promo art for the first novel in my upcoming steampunk-horror-trilogy, Crimson Sky! On Thursday I'll have a spotlight on Princess of the Light's blog to continue the promotion of Dark Divinity, which still has three giveaways going on. Check them out at One Book Two, The Bookish Crypt, and Goodreads for a signed paperback copy and other swag! 


Wow, looking at that schedule now, I wonder how I gave myself so many deadlines! Writing really is a full time job. Anyway, that's my schedule! I'm excited to return to my old work with new eyes and improve it with all that I've learned. Here's to new experiences!