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Blood Moon: Moonlit Run

Over a week late, but I finally got the next chapter in the Blood Moon series done! 

With a shaky alliance formed between the Council and the Vigilias, Helena, Alec, Nate, and Skylar lead a strike force to eliminate Quentin Troy's secondary base of operations, an effort to cut off any attempted retreat he might take.

But the Vigilias and their new allies aren't the only ones taking precautions, and a sudden, unexpected attack will put the truce to the test...

Being sick had me struggling with this one, but I think I came up with some fun action scenes and added a lot to Helena's character. She's definitely grown through the series and is going to be one of the ones I miss the most when the Blood Moon series is over. I think there will only be two more stories after this one, so enjoy them while you can!