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Sunday Snippet: “May I sit?”


Welcome again to Weekend Writing Warriors, the weekly blog tour where authors post 8-10 sentences from their work in progress/new or upcoming release. In last week's snippet from Storm Born, we got a taste of Ava's mindset after the trauma she suffered during the Centennial. She's ready to fall back into the routine of her job as a waitress, as some new trouble walks into her diner...


He was tall and muscular without being blocky. He stood like a warrior, his perfect blue eyes tracing over the tables like he thought they might attack. Thick black hair brushed the shoulders of his rugged leather motorcycle jacket. High cheekbones and sharp lips gave him a regal appearance. He looked like a prince trying to disguise himself as a biker.


I gotta say– the look suited him.


Mystery Man’s eyes stopped their assessment and locked on me. My heart skipped a beat once, then again when he gently smiled. The smile didn’t reach his eyes, but damn, was it ever sexy.


“May I sit?” he asked.




It’s been a century since the last Centennial Storm, the calamitous phenomenon that covered the world in disasters– tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, tsunamis, and dust storms– caused not by nature, but by alien creatures from another realm. The Stormkind.

Ava Reid tries not to think about that night, when she was caught in a hurricane and brought face to face with one of the Stormkind, the man with a dagger, and the agony she felt when he stabbed her with a crystal blade. Yet as she and the rest of Florida’s citizens begin to rebuild their lives, Ava can’t help but notice strange things happening around her. Things she seems to be causing. The gusts of wind and sudden floods attract the attentions of a mysterious stranger who leaves her clues, and the deadlier men following her.

It isn’t long before Ava is swept up into a wild conspiracy, led by a secret society that knows the truth about the Stormkind– and what their enemies have planned for the world she loves. If she wishes to protect her friends and her family, Ava must harness her strange new abilities and become part of the Stormkind society. Because if she loses control, there will be no force strong enough to stop her…


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Yes, only 9 more days until my latest standalone novel is released. I've gotten early feedback from some reviewers and it's been overwhelmingly positive, which is definitely a confidence booster. The next couple weeks are going to be really exciting. Not only will be Storm Born released, but a bunch of my pre-ordered books will be making their way to my digital library, one of them being Water's Wrath, the fourth book in the Air Awakens series, which coincides with the cover reveal I did earlier this week for the final book! That was a really fun experience and I'm happy I did it.  


But there's one other thing I'm overly happy about... Storm of the Gods, the first novel in my upcoming Greek mythology/urban fantasy series Areios Brothers, has its Beta readers! I'm going to send out the copies in the next couple days, and will hopefully get some easy, positive feedback. I've got not problem dumping more hours into editing for this project, but I'm sure every author wishes the first "final" draft was the only one they had to do.


I'm also going to finally be working on the plots for my other urban fantasy series, Agents of Limbo. I'm hoping to get lucky with one or both of those series, but if not, at least I can do simultaneous releases and keep a couple projects going at the same time. The more words, the better you do, right?


Anyway, I'm thrilled to finally have a three day weekend, even though I've got plans for each day and it will zoom by way too quickly. Which means I need to get back to work now. Be sure to stop by the other Weekend Writing Warriors blogs and leave the other authors some love. Until next time, cheers!