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Weekly Recap

Okay, still didn't finish everything I needed to, but believe me, it wasn't for lack of trying. Last week, Crimson Sky was featured for a spotlight on Princess of the Light, then I had author Nicky Peacock returning for an interview after a book spotlight, and just yesterday, I was featured in another spotlight/interview on Bargain Book Reviews, which should have a review of Crimson Sky up tomorrow. So that's probably why I only got one thing crossed off my list: 


• Complete Beta edits for Midnight Sky

• Format Storm Born and Damnation's Door (send out review requests when they're done)

• Finish the new plots for the Areios Brothers series and begin rewriting the first novel

• Continue world building for Agents of Limbo


Still gonna keep this week's goals the same, though I'm adding in another project now that I have my newest round of edits for Storm Born in:


• Complete Beta edits for Midnight Sky

• Edit Storm Born

• Format Storm Born and Damnation's Door (send out review requests when they're done)

• Complete new version of Storm of the Gods

• Continue world building for Agents of Limbo

Speaking of Storm Born, on Thursday I'll be doing the official cover reveal and offering a synopsis and a little more detail about the novel. I need to make that my priority now because the release deadline is coming up and I want to make sure I have everything I need done by April, and that I can find some slots for reviews. Fell a little behind on this one, but learning experience, right?


It also occurs to me that tomorrow I'm going to be requesting schedules for the editing and cover art for Midnight Sky (seems early, but August is only a few months away!). I have some ideas that I want to share with the Deranged Doctor Design team, and since they've done a stellar job with the artwork for Crimson Sky, I think they'll be able to hit the mark of what I'm hoping to do. 


I mean, look at this! I've gotten nothing but praise on the cover, so thank you DDD!


Over the next two days, I'm really going to try and cram in some editing. I have a couple get-togethers tonight and tomorrow that will take up a fair chunk of time, but if I can get just one or two projects gone from that list, I'll be a happy writer. See you all Thursday for the Storm Born cover reveal! It'll be worth the wait, trust me.