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The weekend is here again, and it's officially my Friday! It's been surprisingly busy week, but I always make time to include my 8-10 sentence snippet for Weekend Writing Warriors (side note: yesterday I did a review of our lovely Admin/MOD Christina Ochs's new release, Valley of the Shadow, which you all need to read ASAP). This snippet from Crimson Sky continues from last week. Since you all thought the Hellions were scary, here's some more info that will hopefully terrify you... 


I hated that daylight didn’t slow them down anymore, and wished they hadn’t learned how to cover themselves from the sun. In the beginning, they only came at night, descending from the Behemoth in their quick raiding skiffs and taking anyone they could snatch in their claws. It was horrifying– it always would be– but we’d been able to predict them.


Now they were prepared. They dressed in black jumpsuits with blood-red buttons along the left breast. The heavy boots, leather gloves, and round helmet almost made them look like the old Sky Guard, aside from the black gas mask with two black bulging glass goggles that made their eyes resemble an insect’s.


A black respirator with a pointed needle on the end covered the Hellion’s mouth, their tool for drinking blood during the day. I’d never been stabbed with one of those needles, and intended to keep it that way.



I'm getting super excited for this release and this whole new series. I've even decided that my entry for Mocha Memoirs's upcoming steampunk horror anthology will feature three of the characters from Dark Sky in a prequel novella. I've already written two prequel novellas for the series, but I figure a new story can't hurt promoting it, especially since I'm going to take it in a new direction. 


I'm still trying to wrap up another book, which will hopefully be done sometime next week so I can move on to a couple short stories. I'm actually really excited about a meet up that I'm doing with a couple close friends. I know three other writers (one of whom is a genius with writing and developing characters), and we all agreed it would be fun to meet up and do some writing exercises to help our work. I'm always looking for ways to improve, and I think we'll come up with some fun projects. I'll just have to make sure that there's not too much wine involved, so we can actually concentrate! 


I can already tell this week is going to fly by, but I'm excited and eager for it. Remember to stop by the other Weekend Writing Warriors blogs and leave some love in the comments. Weekend, here I come!




P.S.: Could you tell that I wrote this post after a Saturday snack spree that included chips, mini Lindor chocolates, and Ferrero Rochers?