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Sunday Snippet: "They wanted us."


Is it Sunday already? Seriously, where does all this time go? Well, if it's Sunday, that means I get to post my latest 8-10 sentences for Weekend Writing Warriors! This scene follows directly from last week, which features the opening scene of my upcoming release, Crimson Sky. In it, my main character, Claire, continues to run from savage monsters intent on tearing her and her partners apart, and not everyone is lucky...


We’re almost there, I told myself. Close, we’re so close–


A piercing scream came from behind me, startling me so badly I nearly tripped on the rocky ground. I shouldn’t have glanced over my shoulder, but I had to know how close the Hellions were, and who they had grabbed.


Gordon had been taken down, one of the Hellions pushing him into the broken concrete, putting its knees in his back and trapping him. The monster didn’t hesitate, crunching its body down and stabbing the pointed needle of its respirator into the back of Gordon’s neck. My partner screamed as the blood was sucked out of him, feeding the Hellion.


Two more of the monsters charged out from beyond a cracked slump of white stone. They didn’t glance at Gordon or the feasting Hellion. They wanted us.



Still super stoked about this release, especially since I got more swag in! 




It's always cool to get stuff like this in the mail. I'm definitely a happy writer at the moment. I'm still posting links for Crimson Sky pre-orders on KindleKoboGoodreads, and Smashwords, and I'm hoping to get a few more blog tours going. Speaking of, just a reminder authors, that I'm always open to blog tours and hops, either now or in the future. Email me at amybraunauthor (at) gmail (dot) com if you're interested. I'm also looking for a couple other Beta readers for my upcoming standalone novel, Storm Born, which is currently with my editor. Or, if you want to be a beta reader for the Crimson Sky sequel, I'd be happy to send it out. I'm all about authors-helping-authors, so if there's something you want me to read, I'm happy to do so. 


Remember to check out the other amazing authors of the WeWriWa blog hop. They're work is fantastic, and they deserve your love and comments! Until next week, cheers!