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Sunday Snippet: "Everyone wants me for something..." (And A Bonus Surprise!)


Woohoo! I remembered the cover art for WeWriWa this time! To the moderators... Sorry it took me so long! 


Anyway, it's time for 8Sunday, that time of the week where I post 8-10 sentences from my current work in progress, or in this case, part of my newest release as I continue its promotion. This snippet continues from last week, a little further in the early chapters of Dark Divinity. In the scene, Dro is telling Constance what she fears will happen to her, and Constance is determined to make her understand that neither Heaven nor Hell will get between her and her sister.


        “Everyone wants me for something. The demons want to use nightmares to scare me over to their side. Angels keep prodding at my mind.” She sighed and hugged her body. “I’m going to go insane before this is over.”

         I pushed off the wall and walked to Dro, putting my hands on her shoulders. “You won’t. I’m not going to let anything happen to you.”



Quick reminder that you still have some chances to win copies of  Dark Divinity through Goodreads and The Bookish Crypt. Lots of exciting things happened this week, including an author spotlight and the new cover art I recived for my February release, Crimson Sky! I was going to wait until tomorrow when I get all the promotional material from Deranged Doctor Design (seriously, these guys are amazing), but I think I'll let all you Warriors see it first, since I love hearing your feedback. So here it is, the official cover for Crimson Sky, the first in my Dark Sky trilogy!



I think you can see why I love it. I'm super excited to see the rest of the material and share it over the next little while! I'll start the promos in January and go into a little more detail about the series and the novel, but for now I'm just going to stare at the cover and smile for a little bit. Does that make me creepy and possibly a little too obsessive? Yes? Oh well. I don't mind. 


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