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Sunday Snippet: "I just reacted."

Now time for one of my favourite parts of the week, 8Sunday, where, as one of the Weekend Writing Warriors, I contribute my 8-10 sentences from my newest release/current writing project. Okay, technically the snippet is supposed to be from a work in progress, but Dark Divinity is still in its promo phase so maybe I can fudge the rules a little bit?


Skipping ahead from last week's snippet, Constance takes a moment to talk to Dro about her new, amplified abilities, trying to figure out what caused them, only to realize that her sister is just as confused as she is.


         “I don’t know what happened in the warehouse, Con. I just reacted.” Her eyes lifted to meet mine. “I feel different, though. Stronger. I have all these powers, and it’s like they’re amplified now. I can sense thoughts and emotions from greater distances, I can heal people faster,” she hesitated, “and I guess now I can control the hellfire.”

         “Do you feel like you have a lot more control? That the nightmares can stop?”

         She shook her head. 



Yup. Constance is not having an easy time with her little sister. And if you're asking if things get better for them down the road, you either a) haven't read this book or it's predecessor, Demon's Daughter, or b) clearly don't know my writing style. 


There are tons of giveaways going on for Dark Divinity at the moment, including one at Goodreads, one at One Book Two, and one at The Bookish Crypt. I'm still organizing the blog tour for Crimson Sky, which means I have some more emails to send. I should have the cover art and promo material by the weekend, which I'm super excited to see and share. 


At the moment, I'm getting back to work on the Areios Brothers stories. It's so much fun to write– the fight scenes, the banter, the mythology– it's really helping me get through the final push of this cold, aka the damn cough. It's going to be cold on my weekend, so I'm just going to sit at home in my PJ's and write to the point of exhaustion. On purpose, of course, and with the help of some dark chocolate taunting me from the closet. 


Make sure to visit the other Weekend Writing Warriors websites and leave some love, aka comments on their blogs. They work hard and deserve to be recognized for it! Until tomorrow, cheers!